Energy Procurement


The price in the deregulated electricity market varies greatly from season to season. The energy market is becoming more and more complex and it is not just weather and wind that control the price.

Our Nordic energy acquisition team continuously follows the Nordic energy markets and our experts look for favourable times for hedging the energy price for our customers. Our experts carry out, in a comprehensive manner, competitive bidding for energy, negotiations with various parties and handling of contracts, so that the customer always receives energy at an attractive price! The experts take care of energy acquisition on behalf of the customer and in accordance with the customer’s interests. The price of energy is competitive and risks associated with energy acquisition are always under control. Secured prices into the future ensures easy budgeting.

Depending on the customer’s energy consumption, procurement always occurs in the manner that best suits the situation at hand.

Historically, we have always initiated energy acquisition with competitive bidding processes in order to minimize margins for the energy suppliers and enable price hedging at favourable times. Now we also offer Portfolio Management based energy procurement, where your volume is added to the volumes of other customers and is procured as one entity. You are then part of a procurement carried out in the same manner as carried out by major industry players. You decide which product you want, and we explain the process.

We take care of energy acquisition so that you can focus on your core business!


Checking and adjusting energy tax class and management of potential refunds


It pays off to ensure that you belong to the correct tax class – this means continuous savings, and taxes which have been paid in accordance with the wrong tax class can be reclaimed as refunds.

Legislation concerning energy tax class is quite complex and many companies also have unique tax classes for different parts of their operations. Every year, we discover errors for our customers which go back many years, and we manage refunds involving large sums. If the error has existed for a long time you can apply for refunds for up to 6 years given relevant documentation. Nordel’s experts have many years of experience in the field and help you to get your rightful refunds.

If we don’t find any errors, the work we’ve carried out is free of charge.

Following audit by Nordel Energi you can rest assured that your company pays correct energy taxes.


Distribution tariff optimisation


There are several different distribution cost components for energy and to optimize we can choose the set-up most favourable to your needs. Consumption profile, main fuse size and the reactive power of your facility will affect the distribution price.

By adjusting the distribution set-up, we can ensure that you do not pay too much.


Our operations are based on:


  • Satisfied customers
  • An advanced and long-term strategy for energy procurement
  • Competent and knowledgeable personnel
  • Partners and a strong network
  • Nordic operations
  • Modern data systems
  • Mutual trust: We commit ourselves to timetables, have clear pricing and a high quality of service


Benefits of dynamic energy acquisition


  • Expert service within energy acquisition for companies of different sizes from a reliable and nationwide player with operations also in neighbouring countries.
  • Economic benefits for the customer
  • Savings in energy costs via efficient energy purchasing at affordable and competitive prices
  • Continuous monitoring of market prices
  • Risks associated with energy acquisition fully under control
  • No surprise energy invoices: the customer receives pricing information regarding their energy prices prior to delivery
  • Saving time through cooperation:
  • Nordel Energi takes care of energy acquisition on behalf of the customer in accordance with the customer’s interests
  • A sensible and effective way of purchasing energy

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