Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management service for small and medium sized businesses sources energy for portfolios encompassing the volumes of a large pool of customers. This allows the same terms and conditions as large industries.

Benefits of Nordel’s Portfolio Management:

  • By performing strategic purchases based on a long-term perspective, we help you to avoid price peaks in the market and to gain control over your costs
  • Nordel guarantees the maximum system price you will pay for a certain time period, while you receive a lower price if prices in the underlying market fall
  • You can focus fully on your core business, safe in the knowledge that our team of experts is managing your electricity purchases for you
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Customized Sourcing (for customers with an annual consumption in excess of 8 GWh)

Customized Sourcing implies developing an energy sourcing strategy for an individual customer and cooperating with that customer to source energy in the best possible manner.
Nordel actively monitors the market and identifies opportunities for hedging when future prices are deemed attractive. Nordel then sends a hedging recommendation to the customer with details of the recommended duration and size of the hedge. In consultation with the customer, we agree the terms of the hedge and execute the transaction.
Nordel also offers an outsourced management solution whereby the customer gives Nordel full power of attorney to transact hedges on its behalf.

Benefits of Customized Sourcing:

  • Energy sourcing adapted to your needs and risk profile
  • Direct contact with our team of experts
  • Strategic purchases that you decide, based on recommendations by Nordel and analyses of the future market
  • Nordel sends you hedging recommendations on an ongoing basis
  • Simple budgeting of future energy costs
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Tendering & Hedging

In Tendering & Hedging Nordel tenders a customer’s volume among suppliers, who then offer a fixed margin. Once the most attractive margin offer has been accepted Nordel‘s team of experts monitors the market. When market conditions are attractive the electricity price is hedged. Price hedges are executed as a % of total annual consumption and always cover 100% of consumption prior to the start of the next year. The hedging horizon is three years, depending on market conditions.

Benefits of Electricity Procurement:

  • Margin levels are tendered, and the best offer is chosen
  • Active procurement based on market signals
  • The price is 100% secured prior to the start of the year, which makes budgeting easy
  • Information about planned and executed price hedges is sent to the customer on an ongoing basis.
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